Community Roles and Responsibilities

Health & Wellness Team

Includes: LPNs, CNAs, RNs, Medication Technicians, Caregivers, Health Home Aides, Health & Wellness Coordinators, Clinical Coordinators, Social Workers 


Associates in the health and wellness department care for the health, comfort and medical needs of residents. “They are pretty much our lifeblood and have direct contact with residents,” King states. 

“They care for our residents; they take care of their activities of daily living. Without them, we would not be able to function.” 


Dining Staff

Includes: Cooks, Servers, Dining Services Director, Dining Services Manager, Dietary Clerk, Dishwasher, Sous Chef


When it comes to dining at Brookdale, there’s a lot more to it than just serving up meals. Taking into account dietary restrictions, having a fully stocked kitchen with up-to-date food orders, and even making sure the kitchen is properly staffed is all a part of the dining staff’s responsibilities. Of course, making sure residents are happy with their meal options is high on that list as well.

“We have a ‘yes’ philosophy here,” King admits. “If a resident wants something that isn’t quite on the menu, the team member taking their order will see what we can do about that.”


Resident Engagement Team

Includes: Drivers, Resident Programs Assistants, Resident Programs Coordinators


Residents have active social calendars. With help from assistants and drivers, the resident programs team is in charge of organizing and facilitating all activities with input from residents and making sure residents are living fulfilling lives through hobbies and other interests.

“We may take them to the bank, out shopping, and on personal appointments. We designate different days for all of those. We also want to get them on outings. In some communities, they take them on overnight trips, day trips and they’ve even organized cruises for them to go on.”


Sales Team

Includes: Sales Managers, Sales Counselors, Marketing Coordinators


The sales department plays a major role when it comes to introducing Brookdale to potential new residents and their families.

“Their focus is to go out into the greater community and do outreach. They let everyone know what we have here and build relationships in the community. Anyone that shows an interest in our community, they would be the first one to take them on a visit.”



Includes: Executive Director, Receptionist, Business Office Coordinator


For the administrative team, there’s more to the job than just paperwork. Communication is everything. This team is led by the executive director, who oversees how the community is being run.

“The executive directors oversee everything and make sure everyone is happy. They have an open-door policy and are always welcoming to the residents. A director is involved in the day-to-day running of the community, including handling paperwork and getting out there and being present with residents.” 



Includes: Managers, Maintenance Technicians


Simply put, King explains that the maintenance teams at Brookdale “keep our buildings running smoothly.” 

Whether that’s landscaping, repairing air conditioners, adding a fresh coat of paint or fixing the plumbing, they’re prepared for everything in both private rooms and public living areas.   



Includes: Housekeepers


One thing Brookdale residents don’t have to think twice about is doing housework. Thanks to a team of housekeepers, residents have help doing laundry and cleaning their apartments. 

“Housekeeping is responsible for keeping our common areas as well as our apartments clean. They work very hard at pleasing our residents.” 

We’re always looking for driven, caring employees to join our team. Interested in learning more about careers at Brookdale? Visit our careers website or contact us today!

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