Becoming Certified in Senior Living

When seniors and their families entrust us with their well-being, we take our commitment to nurture, nourish and care very seriously.

That’s why we’re constantly striving to do better — to become better. And it’s also why some of our senior living professionals are taking the initiative to become Certified Directors of Assisted Living.

What is a CDAL?

Developed by the Senior Living Certification Commission (SLCC), the Assisted Living Executive Director Certification (CDAL) program is a voluntary certification program designed to enhance and augment traditional state licensing requirements.

Brookdale leaders who earn the CDAL designation must demonstrate the highest quality of service in senior living. In elevating this profession, the certification sets a new standard for the whole industry and gives motivated associates something to aspire to.

Passing the Test

Currently, 333 industry professionals from more than 60 companies hold the CDAL credential. Leaders in their field, these professionals demonstrate a high level of knowledge, ethical fitness and leadership.

To qualify, a CDAL hopeful must submit an application satisfying professional requirements that demonstrate their time, tenure and experience in the industry. CDAL candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and three years of work experience as an executive director (ED) or five years’ experience in a management position.

If they do not hold a degree, applicants must have five years of experience as an ED or seven years of experience in a management position at a licensed assisted living community. Then approved applicants must pass a rigorous certification exam covering all aspects of assisted living community management.

The CDAL exam features 150 multiple-choice questions and tests eight different knowledge domains, including resident care and services, principles and philosophy of assisted living, customer experience, leadership, operations management, regulatory compliance, financial management and sales and marketing.

Setting a New Standard

From 2009 to 2014, the Institute for Credentialing Excellence saw a 150 percent increase in CDAL applications, indicating that the industry is seeing real value in the certification. Measuring competency and experience, the CDAL test requires participants to think outside the box and draw on their vast knowledge and experience of making tough decisions.

The CDAL designation also presents an opportunity for employee personal growth. By demonstrating a broad base of knowledge and expertise, CDAL certified professionals gain a competitive advantage, make themselves more marketable, open doors for new job opportunities and earn greater trust from residents and their families.

The Brookdale Advantage

For companies like Brookdale, the CDAL distinction serves as an avenue for ongoing employee satisfaction, evaluation and retention, enhancing market competition and attempting to lessen the level of risk and exposure to adverse incidents within communities.

By reassuring residents and families, building employee confidence and trust, and retaining and advancing qualified leaders, the CDAL makes a difference at Brookdale and in the lives of our employees, our residents and our families.

Advance Your Career

The CDAL can be an important step in your career. To learn more about CDAL and what the process entails, visit the Senior Living Certification Commission.

Join the Team

Working with Brookdale isn’t just a job — it’s a passion. If you’re interested in enriching the lives of seniors nationwide through a career with Brookdale, browse current openings now!